Flora von der Flockenwiese

Mindfulness trainer & Grooming expert

The newcomer at re*creation: pomeranian Flora von der Flockenwiese ensures the relaxed and cheerful mood and short taking-for-walk-breaks for our project managers.
As Louis Armstrong said: "With a short tail wag, a dog can express more feelings than some people can do with hours of talk." Well, if that's not a benchmark for our projects - we don't want Flora to steal the show!
Roswitha Schulner

Thank you once again for the wonderful concert evening! Wonderful programme, lovely music and great young artists. A pleasure!

Silke Ostermeier
AUDI Communication AG

On behalf of AUDI AG, I would like to thank you for the wonderful support in organising our guest groups during the Salzburg Festival. Because of the personal commitment of Dr. Bienert it was a cultural highlight for us and our guests.

Périne Fastenakels

I take the opportunity to THANK YOU both for all the hard work behind and during the event. You are STARS!